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Growing Roses in Albuquerque — Do you want information about growing roses in our area? Order our guide to selecting roses, planting roses, pruning roses, fertilizing roses, growing roses. . . and more!  Just $6.00 by mail.   Send a check to the Albuquerque Rose Society, c/o Debbie Butcher, 9601 Pebble Beach Dr. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111.

Growing Roses in Albuquerque, 2017 Publication

A wealth of information is available from the Albuquerque Area Master Gardeners.

See the great write-up about The Albuquerque Rose Garden in the online magazine Garden Destinations!

Our garden was also featured in the American Rose Society’s January magazine.  Great article by Bill Farmer, Debbie Butcher and Claudia Bonnett.  Click here to open the pdf.

The American Rose Society, founded in 1892, exists to promote the culture and appreciation of the rose, through education and research
to members, to local rose societies and their members, and to the public.

The Santa Fe Rose Society is a chapter of the  American Rose Society, serving the residents of the City of Santa Fe and surrounding areas. It is responsible for the beautification and maintenance of the Harvey Cornell Rose Garden.  The society has partnered with the Santa Fe Master Gardener Association and the City of Santa Fe Parks Division to preserve the beauty and character of the garden. The garden is open to the public and is located at the corner of Galisteo and Cordova Road. The Santa Fe Rose Society offers free and open meetings to the public on the first Tuesday of the month. Three Rose Garden Clinics will also be offered in the spring and summer.

For more information about the Santa Fe Rose Society, email Jack Ortega  at or call him at (505) 670-5821.

The Council of Albuquerque Garden Clubs provides plant sales, flower shows, and gardening seminars to the public. It  is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1950.

The Council built, owns and operates the Albuquerque Garden Center, located at 10120 Lomas Boulevard (just west of the Eubank and Lomas intersection) in Los Altos Park.  The Albuquerque Garden Center is reputed to be one-of-a-kind in the U.S. Generally garden centers are owned and operated by the local government. The Albuquerque Rose Society holds its monthly meetings at the Garden Center as well as its annual rose show.

Garden Design is a resource where you can find information about GARDEN IDEAS & INSPIRATION; GARDENING ESSENTIALS; PLANTS; and GARDEN PESTS, PLANT DISEASES, & OTHER PROBLEMS.

Recommended Rose and Garden Books

These books have been recommended by our members.

  • American Horticultural Society. Roses: AHS Practical Guides. DK Publishing, 1999.
  • Brenner, Douglas, and Stephen Scanniello. A Rose by any Name: The Little-Known Lore and Deep-Rooted History of Rose Names. Chapel Hill: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2009.
  • Chalker-Scott, Linda. The Informed Gardener.  University of Washington Press, 2008.
  • Chapman, Ann. Women in my Rose Garden: The History, Romance and Adventure of Old Roses. Bath: Palazzo Editions Ltd., 2014.
  •  Druitt, Liz. The Organic Rose Garden. Taylor Trade Publishing, 1996.
  • Scott, Aurelia. Otherwise Normal People: Inside the Thorny World of Competitive Rose Gardening.  Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2007.
  • Zimmerman, Paul. Everyday Roses. The Taunton Press, 2013.

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